The Task: To Begin Writing & Then Conquer The World…

So, what’s my plan? I’m not sure. But one thing I do know, I have to get started either way. This website is, hopefully, the start of something useful, and something I can be proud of. It is tough being in a state of limbo, but the only way out is to do. So do I will. Time to built a brand! But more on what and how later…

So this is the plan: start writing (with the goal of creating something useful and valuable to a group of people) and then figure it out as we go.

So what exactly is it that could be useful to a group of people on the internet (who seemingly decided to read this random pseudo-blog website)? Well, something that’s useful to me (It’s easier to encourage and help others when you are invested in their goals and desires): A guide to life on this rock we call Earth.

But no, not an exhaustive list (I don’t have the concentration or focus to even try). Rather a look at life through the eyes of an anthropologist turned marketer with a bent for travelling and food, that might offer you some useful insights.

Clearly I didn’t put a lot of planning into this post before I started writing it, but I did preface it with Just Start (or actually do, but you get the idea). What I’m trying to get at here is that this is a space to explore various things cultural, travel, food, and more.

Where I can jot down theories, philosophies and viewpoints, engage with others (including you, dear reader). It is also a place where I (or we) can come up with theoretical and practical tools to absorb all this info and make something of it, so that others can engage, experience, and even be persuaded by the ideas we were (e.g. convince someone to visit that small town on the westcoast of Malaysia that nobody has given a second chance, but is really quite a gem)

So, I guess this brand (in the loosest sense of the term), has 2 purposes:

a) To share cultural insights on cuisine, people and places with through the perspective of my own lens

b) To develop and preserve a framework that I will use to document the above so that budding writers; content creators & the like have the tools to produce their own perspective on ‘stuff’.

So if any of this has sounded of interest to you, consider become an email subscriber, so you get notified when I post again (or start releasing videos).

And if you want to support my work, you can do so via the Ko-Fi link below (It’s like patreon). I will be creating content & a community specifically for Ko-Fi subscribers as my plan picks up steam:

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