The Context: What is this & why me?

The Context:

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Okay, so for today, we have 2 tasks:

a) Lay out the basic structure of what’s to come: The Juicy Bits (My perspective on stuff)

b) Explain the framework I’m using to create this brand: The way to collect information, and how to produce ‘knowledge’ (your own perspective on said info) from it. And why this is so important

If I’m being totally honest here, what I’m currently writing feels like garbled rubbish, and I don’t expect many people to read any of this. I do feel it is important to start writing though. That way I can start figuring out and shaping my thoughts into something coherent soon. At least something coherent to others so that it can be useful, or at the very least enjoyable.

Let’s get into this:

What I want to achieve with this personal brand breaks down into 2 parts, firstly:

The Juicy Bits

This is the main purpose of blogging, vlogging, and storytelling. To jot my perspective down on (virtual) paper. Hopefully, in doing this I will find my voice (something that shows my personality to the world) and share insights on culture, cuisine and people.

The first blog post should be up in a week or so. Secondly:

The Framework

This, basically is, a documentation & distillation of the structures and strategies I have used of the years, whether for research papers, my marketing business or the food side of things (If you want to know more about me and what I have done with my life to this point, I will link to that here once I have written it down or collated the various projects I have done into something easier to read).

The reason I want to document my framework is that I will it is something that will be useful to quite a few people. The only issue is that I haven’t spent much time distilling it into something useable, nor do I have much of a social media/digital track record that gives me the authority, in any case. I guess that is why I am creating this personal brand, to show people who I am, how I am useful to them and how we can grow together.

I guess Chinese beaver sums it up in an over-the-top way (don’t take this seriously, I’m just joking around):

I will finesse the framework, my thoughts and the plans for this blog as I go. For now, I just want to pour out my messy ideas until I nail a working strategy.


PS. If you want to support my work, you can do so via the Ko-Fi link below (It’s like patreon). I will be creating content & a community specifically for Ko-Fi subscribers as my plan picks up steam:

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